A four-point plan to create a safer gambling environment

In February this year we outlined a four-point plan to create a more sustainable industry - trusted by customers, regulators, politicians and other stakeholders. We haven’t always got things right, but we believe that looking after our customers is the right thing to do, and we are working hard to identify and minimise the risk of harm to our customers. A key part of how we will do this is in our use of customer data, ensuring that we harness technology and customer data to help reduce harm:

  1. Use customer data. We must use customer data to understand player behaviour and monitor for signs of harm;
  2. Promote self-help tools. We have to promote safer gambling by improving the accessibility, awareness and understanding of self-help tools such as deposit limits and cool offs;
  3. Interact with customers. We must interact with customers who show signs of harm, discuss their gambling behaviour with them, and present details of their behaviour clearly; and
  4. Increase our interventions. We will have to increase our interventions with customers to stop them harming themselves in the most extreme cases.

You can see examples of how we put these 4 points into practice here

Highlights from the last year
  • Self-help tools like self-exclusion and cool-offs have been made more prominent and easier to use.
  • We are advancing our data science work to identify those at potential risk of harm through various academic collaborations.
  • In November of last year, we announced that our newly signed five-year partnership with the English Football League would place additional focus on safer gambling.
  • We run adverts that are entirely devoted to safer gambling and provide practical advice such as how to use limit-setting tools.